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Hi, how ya doin? Welcome to Uncle Bucks, the greater Billings Montana area premier veganic grown, medical marijuana and cannabis products provider. We’ve been a steady provider through ups and downs of the medical legalization and standards of operation process. Which is still in the process of processing what the final process will be, concerning the processes of cannabis production, transportation and sales. What A Process… anyway,

“What does “veganic grown” cannabis actually mean?” you might be asking yourself. Well, I’m glad you asked yourself that question because I looked up the answers, quite extensively I might add.

Yes, cannabis is a plant and therefore, is organic, but what we are referring to is how the plant is cultivated and fed. Veganic is a combination or organic and vegan, which means from our soil to our nutrients, nothing is derived from animals, like bone or blood meal, and not chemically or pharmaceutically treated or enhanced.

Why is this important, why should you even care? It might even sound like this is a “weed snob” thing for people who are far too into the specifics of their herb. We are not those people, but rather people who understand that we are providing medicine for people who stand to benefit from this wonderfully adaptable and versatile plant and mean to provide the purest and cleanest product to our patients.

Chemical nutrients and the likes, leave residues and trace elements in the plants, even after flushing the plant with only water in the last week or so before the plant is harvested. The chemicals and trace elements in your tap water can leave residues, which is why we use a reverse osmosis filtration system to ensure that’s not an issue. Whatever chemicals are in the medium in which the plant is rooted, from potting soil to gravel to whatever it is, will be absorbed by the roots to feed the plant. The cumulative total of the good, the bad and the ugly of everything that plant has been exposed to have a potential to be in the flower of the plant.

That was a lot of facts to take in, I know… I know, stay with me because here’s where it all comes together to make sense on how this matters to you.

Certainly, our production costs are higher than market standards so it’s not a price issue. We believe in what we are doing and strive to challenge ourselves in not just maintaining an industry standard but setting the industry standard for safe cannabis while not degrading the potency and effectiveness of our end products.