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Why grow Veganic when going Hydroponic is more profitable?

There is no doubt that when growing cannabis or tomatoes if you can do it hydroponically it is simpler, easier, more profitable, and less hassle then going Veganic in a soil type growing medium. So why do we do it?

The answer lies in your health. 100% of all genuine long term hydroponic feed systems for every crop have to mix their food into an industrial salt base feed system so that the food stays stable and mixed properly. Some will also add heavy metals to the mix. Keeping the complicated simple this means that those growers must finish the last week or two of each growth cycle using a chemical treatment to flush and strip the salts and metals from the plant, a deep cleaning that in the case of the best brands actually starts to kill the plants by stripping the cellular structure of the plant itself. Even with all of that one never gets 100% of it all out. Hold that thought while I explain how our system works.

Our Veganic food is simply mixed and hand fed to all of our plants throughout the grow cycle. When we get to our last couple weeks we stop the main feed but boost beneficial bacteria and just plain reverse osmosis water for the last week. By not using chemical flushes were not destroying the plants during their last week or two and keeping in all of the Terpenes that can get removed by the chemical flush’s. Our testing data routinely shows a much broader terpene profile then our competitors.

Back to that thought I asked you to hold on to. In the news since legalization in some states a “new disease” has appeared. It is a cyclic vomiting that is only helped by taking showers and quitting cannabis usage according to MD’s. Here at Uncle Bucks we have had a client who had been diagnosed with that. She had heard about our clean and pure product so she moved over to us and immediately her constant puking and every week trips to the ER at Billings Clinic ended. It’s not the cannabis [In our opinion.] that causes the cyclic vomiting but rather a buildup of toxins in your body from repeated use of cannabis that has been grown conventionally. Keep in mind that many of the “organic” items used for gardening have that classification because they are for items that are eaten after getting washed. Consumption via Lung Tissue is a whole different world, many compounds’ normally harmless become when heated into new and dangerous compounds. By growing Veganic and with zero pesticides on our flowers we never even need to worry about those factors.

I hope this explains why we do what we do at Uncle Bucks here in Billings MT. While more costly and time consuming we can always feel 100% confident that our clients will be getting cannabis grown to as close to a pharmaceutical standard as can be done with the current Montana medical marijuana rules.