Random Heavy Metal Testing Results

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The test results have had the product names removed. We are not naming any samples except our
products and ours are always ND for none detected. I make no claims about what is healthy. Under current
guidelines all of these sample PASS. Rules are about to be adjusted. Uncle Buck's OPINION is that zero
heavy metals are what is safe.

Cannabis will take anything that the roots are exposed to and place it in the flower. So if the soil, water,
or fertilizer contains metals, industrial salts, or really anything else good or bad enters the flowers.
Chemical Treatments will remove the salts but detectable Metals stay. The chemical flush also removes
the good stuff you want. Uncle Buck does not chemical flush as we make sure we use nothing that needs to
be flushed.

PROOF is here below. To learn how to check if your provider is using a chemical flush we can teach 
anyone quickly. Come by to visit and maybe taste for the first time Heavy Metal free Cannabis. You
will indeed notice the difference, everyone does.